Let’s Meet the Wizard: Pulling Back the Curtain to Lead Generation

Lead generation. The ever elusive unicorn for small businesses. How do I get my name out there? How do I let people know what amazing product/service I have? Oh boy, in order to do this, I need a big budget. What about grass-roots? How long will that take? So many questions, and let’s be honest,

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How do I find new customers in 2016?

How to find new customers has been haunting businesses of all sizes for years. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I have witnessed a slow and painful transition as the customer acquisition tactics that were used twenty years ago migrate to new social media strategies. Dialing for Dollars and Email Blasts Years ago when

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Boomers vs. Millennials

As a Baby Boomer, I hear my fellow business colleagues whining about the so called entitled, spoiled, coddled Millennials every day. “I don’t know what to do with these damn Millennials, they don’t want to come to work on time, they want to do everything their way, they don’t take instruction well, they are lazy

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13 Must Answer Questions for Entrepreneurs

Like most entrepreneurs I go to networking events. While networking events are a great way to meet potential new clients, they are also a very powerful resource for understanding what’s going on in your business community. I particularly like to attend events that cater to entrepreneurs. Being in a room full of entrepreneurs is knowledge

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Are You Too Close To The Problem?

We have all heard the phrase, “you are just too close to it or I think I’m just too close to it to understand.” We all understand what that means. Then we hear the inevitable, “you need to remove yourself from the problem and look at it from the outside.” I have always had a

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Eleven Technology Tips for Non-Technology Businesses

If you are a company that is not in the technology business, technology is a necessary evil. Most companies are always a bit behind the technology curve. After all, who has time to manage and grow a company while keeping up with the latest processor speeds, anti-virus protection, firewall security, email madness, and a hundred

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The 5 Scary Truths to SMB Success

Many times in business we tend to make things more complicated than necessary. As a business growth strategist I see it all the time. Everyone thinks that everything has to be new and shiny! Well, that’s just not the case. Sometimes it’s smarter to not be new and shiny. I was working an engagement a

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Three Business Growth Killers and 1 Way to Unify your Team

Building teams that share vision, work habits, and work styles is becoming an overwhelming task for business owners today. As we merge cultures, age groups, and genders in the workplace, finding common ground has become a daunting task. As a business growth strategist, building teams that work well together to accomplish a common goal is

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8 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

We don’t often think of Columbus as an entrepreneur. In truth, he had an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. Much like entrepreneurs today, Columbus was faced with a variety of obstacles to overcome before he could start his journey. He needed start-up funds, materials and supplies, a crew to carry out his mission, and clear strategy to

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