Monica Miller

Monica MillerMonica Miller is the Founder and CEO of Bellavaro, LLC.  She is a dedicated advocate of superior customer service and has over a decade of marketing and business experience. Monica brings to Bellavaro expertise working across multiple industries developing growth strategies including employee development, marketing strategies and brand expansion. She has utilized her degree in business with a concentration in marketing to help develop growth strategies for businesses from DC to Florida.

Monica’s highly organized and detailed work ethic is the key to her success and the success of many of her clients. Loosely translated Bellavaro means “beautiful work.” The impetus of the name came from her desire to always do superior work while providing best of class customer service.

Monica was born and raised in North Carolina. She has widespread connections to the Raleigh/Durham community serving on the Executive Board for Small Business and Membership Programs for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and volunteering with various non-profit organizations. Her continuous thirst for knowledge and passion for marketing and business strategies keeps her in the forefront of the market.

Having spent eight years in Florida with her husband and furry family, Monica is an avid boater, traveler, and foodie. She enjoys meeting new people, entertaining, and sharing ideas and knowledge.

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Richard A. Miller

Richard A. MillerRick Miller comes to Bellavaro, LLC with over 25 years of executive experience at a variety of organizations throughout his career. As a people driven leader connecting individuals at all levels to achieve common goals, Rick is a take charge change agent with a proven record of success. Miller brings to Bellavaro expertise as the EVP of a top 500 government VAR, President of a Data Center Hosting company, The CEO of an IT Asset management company, the CBDO of a Federal VAR and President of a sustainable IT asset management and recycling company.  As Co-Founder/President, his success in entrepreneurial startups and existing companies is a true asset to Bellavaro as his day-to-day functions will include SMB consulting and business development.

Rick believes that to be an effective leader you must communicate the vison—build the team—delegate with authority—and lead with passion and intelligence. With his core strength in the conversion of visionary ideas into people driven solutions and products that deliver strong revenue streams at the highest possible ROI, he has a record of success propelling entrepreneurial startups and turn arounds to profitability.

Miller has maintained an active connection in the Raleigh/Durham community since his graduation from East Carolina as a member of Sigma Tau Delta. Rick is married with two children and one grandchild. To know Rick is to understand that building companies that are successful is the goal but working with people, building opportunities for families, and mentoring is his passion. “In the end it’s all about changing people’s lives in a positive way and creating opportunities for them to learn, grow, and prosper.”

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