13 Must Answer Questions for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship QuestionsLike most entrepreneurs I go to networking events. While networking events are a great way to meet potential new clients, they are also a very powerful resource for understanding what’s going on in your business community. I particularly like to attend events that cater to entrepreneurs. Being in a room full of entrepreneurs is knowledge gold. In fact, if you are considering starting your own business and think you want to be an entrepreneur, attend an event before you commit so that you can get a better understanding of what it takes to survive entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are more than happy to talk about their successes, but what I find even more interesting is that they will just as readily share their failures and problems. Overcoming problems and failures is a badge of honor to most diehard entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs have survival stories.

The fact that you will hear survival stories should make you stop and think. One of the most critical exercises you should undertake before deciding to become an entrepreneur is to ask yourself a series of questions to see if you have what it takes to play the game. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for the weak of heart. You are going to have to put everything on the line at some point and you should know before you start how you will respond when that day comes.

  1. Are you doggedly committed? Do you believe in your business or idea in your core?
  2. Are you tenacious? Will you fight to the end even when loved ones tell you to stop?
  3. Are you a rule breaker? Entrepreneurs always push the envelope.
  4. Do you have unwavering vision? Your vision will be tested.
  5. Does rejection motivate you? You will hear “no” every day.
  6. Do you have self-belief? Confidence is a must.
  7. Are you a creative thinker? You will live in and outside of the box.
  8. Are you able to manage fear? Fear of failure, risk, and fear of ego shattering humiliation.
  9. Do you possess true passion? Passion will see through the tough times.
  10. Can you go without? Does having to cut back on personal kudos defeat you?
  11. Are you a leader and motivator? You will need followers to help you succeed.
  12. Are you flexible? Will you listen to new ideas and adapt to change?
  13. Are you an optimist? Being an entrepreneur takes massive amounts of positive energy.

If you answered these questions honestly and you are still ready to jump into the game, then welcome. You are one of millions that feel the need to express yourself through your visions, passions, and dreams of success.

One last bit of advice. Lean on your fellow entrepreneurs. They are a wealth of knowledge and can help you through the tough times. They can also encourage you and share in your success. Remember, while being an entrepreneur can be harrowing, it can also be the most exciting, fulfilling, and amazing experience you will ever have. Take your passion, your fearlessness, and your belief in yourself and make your dreams come true.

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